December 2, 2009

So I'm thinking of trying yoga

B ecause hey, our medical deductible should be met for the year so it's the perfect time to twist myself into an irreversible pretzel right?

November 23, 2009

Siskel & Ebert I'm Not

S o the gal pals and I headed out Friday night to see New Moon. We read the entire Twilight book series avidly -- the average being to finish all four books in the space of 10-14 days. Of course, to achieve this you need to completely neglect to feed, interact with, or provide for your family in any discernible way, but sacrifices must be made for literature.

I know they are not Great Literature. They are not Steinbeck. I consider them more like "Gone with the Wind." Engaging, entertaining, and fun. What's wrong with fun? Not every book or movie must be Great Art to be good. In fact, I'll go as far as to say that most movies (and some books) pushed as "great art" are in fact pretentious yawns. Give me a nice fluffy fun flick any day.

So there we were watching New Moon. Just us and dozens of young girls. I saw a few kids from Wonderboy's 6th grade class there (all girls by the way).

If you liked Twilight you'll love New Moon. It's more Jacob, less Edward (which made me sad, I like a nice emaciated vampire kind of thing any day) but since the majority of theatergoers heaved an audible 'sigh' when Jacob took off his shirt mid-show, I figure they more than made up for it.

Other than that where Twilight was blue, New Moon is brown. The lighting is so different and there is one scene that is so laugh-out-loud bad that I can only think it was included as a joke. Or the Director lost a bet.

Still, it was an enjoyable $7 (Matinee price) plus popcorn and I highly recommend it for those who love fantasy, adventure, and pretty boys (and can get past the whole "the actor who plays Jacob is not yet eighteen years old" thing). Hello Mrs. Robinson indeed!

November 16, 2009

I'm a little embarrassed to say it, but very soon my Gal Pals and I will join legions of ninth-graders to see New Moon, the movie version of the second Twilight book.

We all experienced the crack-like addiction that is the Twilight Book series - reading all four tomes in less than two weeks generally. Now we can huddle in the dark like star struck teeny boppers and enjoy the movie version too!

November 15, 2009

I realize that in the great scheme of things I really don't have problems. Death, destruction, war, unemployment, homelessness are problems.

Still it's hard not take it a tad personally when in the space of an afternoon I find out that my back addition roof is completely rotted. Stripping off the old shingles led to realization that the only thing holding said shingles up was, apparently, habit.

Okay, fine, we can deal with that. We'll (by 'we' I mean Mr. Wonderful and his faithful friend Brett) will repair the joists, replace the wood and all will be well.

Just hours later I find that we have now water. At all. Apparently our pump has died? I'm always so ANNOYED by things that go kaput without warning.

On the plus side I had already taken my shower mid-morning. On the minus side - I had not yet set the coffee maker for morning.

October 15, 2009

Wanted: Your Decorating .02 Cents

Okay, so let's say that I'm getting the yen to actually, finally, decorate the attic/play space. I mean sure, it's been nine years and we'd hate to rush in to anything but I'm thinking it might be time.

So I need input, opinions. I could just go ahead and do what I want but I'd rather endlessly hash over the ifs, ands, or buts. If I play my cards right I could put off a decision - and thus not have to actually bust a move to do anything - for a few more years, easy.

So right now we have worn, scrubby old stairs. Rustic, yes but splintery too. Being a lover of typography I'm kind of drawn to this look. Finished tread, white back, some lettering. Is this a "love it" or a "hate it" do we think? (Note: I am definitely anti-harlequin diamond shapes so those are not even on the table (or stairs) for discussion).

And, what is "our" opinion on paint/stain hybrids for railings ala'

Please comment or e-me. I just can't do this alone!

October 14, 2009

Better left unsaid

Isuspect everyone who knows me thinks "oh that Kym, she's so outspoken" (that or "her big mouth is going to get her beat down one day") but I often say I don't get enough back-pats for my remarkable self-control.

Case in point our recent soccer game in a nearby community. This I refer to as "the place where sportsmanship goes to die."

For Matthew's game, their player  knocked out our goalie by kicking her when she had the ball. When that didn't work he simply grabbed her jersey and threw her down. She's a tough one but being body slammed did, in fact, cause her to lose her grip on the ball. As she fell their player then stepped around her and kicked the now dropped ball into the goal. While the poor girl lay, prone on the field with our coach assessing her injuries, a little gaggle of parents from the other team mused, idly, "so do we get to keep that goal?" This is when I knew I was sitting on the sidelines with Satan's own soccer fans.

Meanwhile, another community was removed from the league a few years ago for "being too rough and playing dirty." To which I can only suggest that unless they brought guns and knives to the field, I find it hard to believe they were any rougher than this group.

During Kassie's game we were sitting near "Cody's" family. Cody's family, it should be noted, was very vocal. Now, hey, I love to cheer for the kids - mine and anyone else's - as much as the next soccer fan. I like a nice "good job Morgan, great hustle Nick, it's okay we'll get 'em the next time!" as much as the next person. I aim to cheer as much, if not more, for other people's kids because I know the little thrill of excitement when someone else is cheering for a kid. I am not, I promise, the Grinch that stole soccer fandom.

Then we come to  "Cody." Or shall I say "CODY! CODY! CODY! CODY! CODY! CODY! CODY!" screamed at top pitch ad nausea throughout the entire game. Seriously. "Go Cody! Get the ball CODY! Good job CODY! Get 'em CODY! You go CODY! GO CODY! GO CODY! GO CODY! GO!!!" Maybe I'm just jealous because Cody had about fifteen fans and every last one of them was bent on making sure that Cody - and people in the next county - knew they were there.

Of course, "Mercedes" parents were not to be outdone by Cody's fan base. So THEY started screaming "Go Mercedes, Run Mercedes!" etc. etc. What they lacked in repetition they more than made up for in volume.

Now, I am usually a fairly nice person and I pick on people my own age - not children. I also  have children named out of thin air and after a soap opera character, respectively, so I am hardly one to throw stones. However, after already being worn to a nub with "Cody,"-  "MERCEDES!" was just the icing on the cake.

It took all I had to keep me from leaping up and starting to randomly  yell my own cheers at non-existent players on OUR team. I was dying to start with "GO TOYOTA CORROLLA!" and "MOVE THAT BALL Malibu!"

Somehow I just knew, however, that when I started to cheer for "Toyota Prius" and "Ford Focus" the jig would most definitely be UP.

October 12, 2009

House (Blog) Warming!


If you followed me from the old link - thank you! If you are brand-new, thank you too!

Just a quick tour to kick off the visit. Along the right hand side you'll find links to my latest work in addition to many archives. A brief synopsis of who I am, what I do, and where I do it, in case you stumbled in here by mistake.

By popular request you'll also find a couple of quick photo albums showing the elusive, highly dangerous, but still fabulous Mr. Wonderful, The Small Wonders, and a few of the simple yet significant "little things" that make this house our home.

Hope you enjoy the visit and that you'll bookmark us and visit often (or subscribe to the blog feed down at the right).